For citizens of any country it is traditional to see students as an active transforming power, which during all periods of human history has been a harbinger of changes. This cannot be different. Because youth is not only energy and ardour, determination and enthusiasm. First of all youth is hope of the country, hope of any community, each family. It is not easy to be a modern students: one has not only to study but to work part time earning his living, to take care about the future. But just studies become a key factor of future success.

Time of professionals came, the time of active people, who are ready to fling whole-heartedly into work, into the process of active changes. Therefore, studies in a higer education instituion have become a powerful constructive stage in formation of a personality, despite problems and difficulties of restructuring and development the system of higher education and social and economic system of Ukraine.

I am sincerely grateful to all students of our academy for their understanding and support, for proactive attitude, for ability to learn and have rest, for the right choice.

Student years pass like a ray of sunlight, like a spring breeze, like a high-speed express, forever leaving an indelible mark in the memory and joy in the soul.

Dear friends! Appreciate these beautiful, sometimes light-hearted, funny and unique student years. I wish you health, optimism in life, self-confidence and confidence in the future! Teaching staff of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies will make all possible for you to get a high quality higher education.

Be happy, love the native Alma Mater and do not forget your friends!

Rector of ONAFT
Bogdan Egorov