Students` campus - Dormitory

All dormitories of ONAFT are situated on the territory of Academy, which is adjacent to a park area.

At the territory of Academy there are 5 dormitories, which are inhabited by approximately four thousand students, including foreign students who study full-time, and foreign citizens, who are students of the preparatory department.

By their structure the dormitories can be of «corridor» and «block» type. Rooms can accommodate 2-3-4 persons.

In the dormitories of corridor type bathrooms and rooms with sinks are situated on each floor at both ends of the corridor. On each floor there are two kitchens.

In the block type dormitories a block consists of two rooms. In each block there is a separate bathroom and shower cubicle, there is a kitchen at two different ends of the corridor on each floor.

There are work rooms in dormitories, where students have an opportunity to study, conduct various cultural events. In the dormitory No.3 there is a snack bar, in the dormitory No.5 a gym is equipped.

Near the campus there are: Sports center of ONAFT, sports ground, student outpatients' clinic, trade and household center, drugstore, shops, cafes, and a police department. Allocation of foreign students in dormitories is on August 25. Conditions and procedure of allocation can be found in the tab «Regulatory Documents».

Dormitory №2 2 Shampanskiy lane
Dormitory №2
2 Shampanskiy lane

Raets Olga Leonidovna Telephone: (0482) 37-87-74

Nine storey building is situated close to Black sea

Dormitory №3 128 Kanatnaia str.
Dormitory №3
128 Kanatnaia str.

No.3-а Chernobai Nataliia Ivanovna

No.3-b Borisov Mikhail Ivanovich

Telephone: (048) 712-41-10, 15-09, 15-87, 11-10

Nine-storey dormitory consist of 2 parts. There is a lunchroom in the dormitory, and Sport Center of ONAFT very close to it.

Dormitory №4 106 Kanatnaia str.
Dormitory №4
106 Kanatnaia str.

Donchuk Tamara Viktorovna Telephone: (048) 712-40-86, 15-80, 15-38, 10-86

Five-storey dormitory of block type. Health center of ONAFT is situated at the second floor.

Dormitory №5 104 Kanatnaia str.
Dormitory №5
104 Kanatnaia str.

Nikul Olga Nikolaevna Telephone: (048) 712-40-95, 15-02, 10-95

Five-storey dormitory of corridor type. There is a gym for sport workouts and sport dances in the dormitory.

Dormitory №1(6) 9 Radostnaia str.
Dormitory №1(6)
9 Radostnaia str.

Gosteminskaia Liudmila Ivanovna Telephone: (0482) 64-37-20

Five-storey dormitory of corridor type.

Dormitory №2(7) 9/11 Tenistaia str.
Dormitory №2(7)
9/11 Tenistaia str.

Novokhatko Fedor Anatolievich: (0482) 68-10-72

Five-storey dormitory consisting of 2 parts of corridor type.

№3(8) 9/11 Tenistaia str.
Dormitory №3(8)
9/11 Tenistaia str.

Bilous Alla Konstantinovna Telephone: (0482) 68-45-72

Five-storey dormitory consisting of 2 parts of corridor type.