Department of organizational and educational work - About

The most important component of education process is a careful study of creative potential of students, their modern spiritual needs. Reconstruction and development of education strategies in ONAFT is built today on the basis of achievements of both national and world culture as well as on the basis of leadership and personal responsibility principles.

Main goal of educational work in ONAFT is training of a harmoniously developed, socially active person, professionally competent Specialist, who combines a high spirituality, moral integrity, professional competence, and physical perfection.

Activity of the Department is based on full involvement of professors to the process of training of a Personality. Various forms and methods of work are aimed at development and strengthening in the students' minds of spiritual qualities, consolidation of society, protection of morals, promotion of establishment of social optimism in students' world outlook, familiarizing of young people of the academy to healthy lifestyle, formation of a physically healthy and spiritually rich personality, promotion of the best spiritual acquisitions Ukrainian people, revival of national holidays.

The Department possesses unbiassed and extensive information about spiritual needs of students. Cultural needs, interests of young people in the area of arts, literature, leisure activities, influence of mass media on consciousness of students, influence of sport and tourism on state of their health are researched with particular diligence.

Activity of the Department of organizational and educational work is aimed at development of students' civic awareness, justice, honor, industry, high morality, general culture, culture of behavior and communication.

The department directs educational work at such important landmarks as responsibility for destiny of the country, readiness to defend democratic reforms in Ukraine, formation of pro-active attitude of students, their mastering of effective business communication experience, training of students for productive work in market conditions.