Department of organizational and educational work - Institute of curators

In the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies the educational process is a signle coherent organism of those who teach and those who study. One of main directions of the educational process in ONAFT is curatorial work.

CURATOR is a mentor of youth who assists students in adaptation to the university educational system, trains a fully developed professional with extensive organizational skills and active civic position.

A package of teaching materials regulates activity of curators:
- "Regulations on a curator of student group";
- "Regulations on competition "The best curator of ONAFT ";
- "United Plan of curatorial work for each year of studies."

SENIOR CURATORS OF FACULTIES organize and coordinate activities of curators of student groups.

SENIOR CURATOR OF ACADEMY heads curatorial work and bears responsibility for its state and development.

Curatorial work is carried out in accordance with the Concept of educational work in ONAFT and approved plan on the following areas: patriotic, methodical, educational, scientific, cultural work among the masses and organizational work. The object of curators' attention is also a sanitary-hygienic and fire-prevention situation in dormitories.