Institute of Culture and Arts

The modern world is characterized by globalization, social development, transition of humanity to scientific and information technologies, which in a great measure are based on educational and intellectual potential of population. In such circumstances, formation of a whole person, creatively developed personality is mainly realized through aesthetic training and education, familiarization of people with treasures of world culture and art.

To implement these tasks in 1998 in ONAFT the Institute of Culture and Arts started its work, which main goal is to educate future experts in accordance with the requirements of modern production, familiarization of students with the best specimens of national and world culture right within the walls of the academy, growing of interest to specific areas and problems of culture, teaching of students by means of effective methods of self-education in the field of culture and art.

Main work methods of the Institute of Culture and Arts:
- Series of lectures for students of every faculty, which reflect cultural traditions and the current state of the field;
- Seminars on the future specialty, which analyze problems of culture of management of a modern eterprise;
- A separate series of seminars dedicated to etiquette of businessman, planning and time management, psychology, training in jurisprudence;
- Methodical seminars for supervisors stupdent groups on aspects of education;
- Conferences and competitions on history of the specialty chosen by students;
- Watching of feature movies and documentaries on the theme;
- Visiting of theaters of the city;
- Visiting and direct participation in folk art exhibitions.

For formation of self-esteem, moral freedom, ability to make one's own moral choice such forms of work of the Institute of Culture, as discussions on the theme, debates on cultural behavior of future specialists are responsible. Search of certain ways of future specialists culture development is promoted by training on jurisprudence, workshops on behavioral psychology of an individual.

Raising the cultural level of future specialists is assisted by worshops of of student groups curators, where methodological aspects of improving of educational work and culture of students' communication are discussed.