Students` club

These are student clubs which at all times were a main breeding ground of talents.

Student club of ONAFT is a good example of high-quality training and self-fulfillment of those who learn and those who work. It is evidenced by a significant number of medals, diplomas and awards received over the years of club work.

Student club is a great opportunity to meet talented people and get a great number of new impressions.

Creative people of our academy can be engaged in different arts. Vocal section is represented by a large academic chorus «Novellus» and vocal studio "Inspiration"; choreographic section is done by a dance group «Lazurite». Club of the Funny and Inventive People «Student theatre of variety miniatures» (KVN «STEM») of the Academy enjoys special popularity. Members of drama school surprise with their performances for several years. Section of instrumental music is headed by the vocal-instrumental group «Totus».

Choir «Novellus»
Choir «Novellus»

Dancing group «Lazurite» is characterized by a variety of numbers and regular participation in student and city life.

Drama school sets the creative tone for all the academic holidays, continually gives joy to adult and children audiences with new performances.

Dancing group «Lazurite»

Instrumental group «Totus» is always glad to acquire new talents. The group constantly updates its repertoire and does not limited itself with one language of performance.

Instrumental group «Totus»
Group «Totus»

To quench the thirst of creativity is possible thanks to a good resources (dance and assembly halls, recording studios, new musical equipment), and good work of highly qualified production engineers.

If you are full of ideas,
talented and want to live adventurous
vibrant student life then come to us, we are waiting for you!