Students` union committee

The Student Union Committee
The Students Committee of the Odessa National Academy
of Food Technologies

The primary students committee of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is a public organization of students of the Academy, which aims to represent and defend the educational, social and economic rights and interests of its members. Membership in the union is carried out on a voluntary basis, without any restriction on nationality, race, and gender, political or religious beliefs.

What’s the purpose of the Student Union Committee?

  • The Union represents and protects your rights and interests at all levels;
  • Without the Committee approval you cannot be expelled from the academy (the Law on Higher Education);
  • Due to the Union you can relax during the holidays by the sea or in the mountains, as well as visit the most picturesque corners of our country;
  • The Union helps you arrange all kinds of material aid and bonuses;
  • Due to the Union Committee you can use medical treatment and nutrition at the sanatorium of the Academy during your study;
  • None of the cultural-artistic and sport events in the Academy occurs without the participation of the Union;
  • Only the Committee tells you about your rights and teaches to defend them;

The Students Committee of the Academy is an independent organization and was established in 1977.

The Union committee represents and protects the rights and interests of students in all aspects of learning, working, living, recreation, rest and has the rights of a legal entity.

The purpose of the Union is to protect the socio-economic, legal and other interests of students.

The Students Committee organizes a public control over the implementation of regulations referring to education of students, their socio-economic rights, living conditions and other issues.

The Student Union Committee:

  • conducts a reasoned advocacy of its membership, holds a reception of the Union’s members;
  • holds meetings and conferences of the Union;
  • delegates its representatives to the councils, commissions where students’ interests are discussed;
  • controls the legitimacy and timeliness of fellowships and various benefits for students;
  • takes part in activities which improve the educational environment, life and leisure of students;
  • provides assistance for low-income students, students-orphans, disabled students and families of students;
  • represents its proposals to the Academia’s administration, superior unions as for the educational, socio-economic and other problems of students;
  • works together with the students’ club and sports club on the organization of leisure and recreation of students;
  • cooperates with other public youth organizations.
Organizational structure

The structure of the Student Union Committee is: organizers, the chairman of the course’s union, the chairman faculty’s union, and the students’ committee headed by the chairman of the primary students committee and his deputy.

The Students Committee’s commissions act in the following areas:

  • social and legal protection;
  • organizational;
  • sport and fitness;
  • housing;
  • revision.