Students` council

Young people studying in the Academy are active and talented. For self-realization and ability to solve problems independently we have a student self-government. They are student activists who are an intermediary between students and administration of the Academy, protects and defends interests of students, offers new ideas for development of their educational institution, organization of educational process and scientific activity in it and helps to put these ideas into practice.

Heads of student faculty councils take an active part in solution of all tasks. They are members of ONAFT Academic Council, faculty councils, scholarship committee, faculty commissions on penalties and rewards.

The main document of student self-governing is "Regulations of ONAFT student self-governing". General provisions on ONAFT student self-governing, provisions of ONAFT Student Council, provisions on ONAFT Student Dormitory Councils are described in the document.

Student Council of the Academy consists of 27 true patriots of the Academy, who enjoy authority among students and professors. "Student Council advisors" learn to solve all questions as skilful managers and try to coordinate their work combining it with successful studies. They are assisted in it by the administration of the Academty (deans, deputy deans, vice-rectors of different departments). This work favors development of organizational and managerial qualities.

Work directions of Academy's Student Council are the following:
- protection of rights and interests of students;
- development of research initiatives;
- development of creative skills;
- favoring establishment of law and order in the academy, and dorms;
- support of cleanness in the academy and at nearby territory;
- development of mass sports work and and one of Society for Promotion of Defence.