Students` union - About

Public organization «Students' Union of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies» was created by initiative of students and graduate students of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine in 2008.

The objectives of Public Organization «Students' Union of ONAFT» are: promotion of economic and social development of ONAFT; coordination of activities and improvement of conditions of education, living, recreation, cultural development and engagement in sports activities of students and postgraduate students of the Academy who are its members.

Tasks of PO «Students' Union ONAFT» are::

  • to contribute to the preservation of the best traditions of the Academy;
  • to render practical aid to members of the Student's Union on commercial, current, patent, monetary, financial and contractual matters, on advertising and marketing of products, services and operations;
  • to assist in development and implementation of regional and interregional programs aimed at the revival of regional industry, science, education, culture and popularization of healthy lifestyle;
  • to promote implementation of development of outstanding scientists and technicians, undergraduate and graduate students ONAFT production, dissemination and wider replication of inventions, know-how, new high-performance machines, devices, products, technologies, methods of control and management;
  • to promote creation of business clubs for the intensification of professional and personal contacts of professionals and students in the activities of the Students' Union;
  • to assist in obtaining quality professional education of various levels, employment of graduates of the Academy, both in Ukraine and abroad, in the manner prescribed by law, assistance in training and skills development;
  • to coordinate meetings, conferences, symposia, seminars, and professional competitions for its members in the activities of Students' Union;
  • to assisting in organization of educational process, development of material-technical base of the Academy and its social infrastructure;
  • protection of copyright, property and other rights of the members of Students' Union before public authorities and their agencies and the courts;
  • to organize collection, processing, educational, scientific and cultural information, and promotion of free exchange of information among its members; publication in mass media of scientific, educational, social and political, informational and other printed products for the members of Students' Union and other people who are interested in its activities;
  • to promote development of radio, telephone, satellite, computer and other kinds of relations with members of the Student Union;
  • to organize and carry out technical means of transportation of Students' Union and its Members on the non-profit principle;
  • to perform support of its members in strengthening of relationship with commercial and non-profit organizations of Ukraine;
  • to raise funds, material assets and intangible assets received free of charge in the form of non-repayable financial aid, grants, gifts or donations of domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals, including non-residents, in order to fulfill its statutory objectives;
  • to promote social and cultural development, recreation and health of members of Students' Union;
  • to promote development of a variety of non-traditional forms and methods of education, international humanitarian cooperation, charitable activities;

Administration authorities of PO "Students' Union ONAFT" are Conference and Executive Committee. The highest governing body is Conference, which meets at least once a year.

Students' Union contributes to the development and coordination of all kinds of co-operation of its members operating in the areas of agriculture, food industry and related areas of economic and communal activities.